ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, May 4, 2021 –USPTO issued a patent last week (#10,990,700) to members of Ideal Innovations, Inc. (I3), called Internet Profile Dilution Device (IPDD). This patent may have a significant impact on the way internet service providers track users and profit from selling their searches and interests.

“Many people are alarmed at the amount of personal data that is collected on the Internet,” said I3’s CEO, Bob Kocher. “Your data is exploited for profiling, marketing products, as well as targeting based on alleged political and social views. Many large companies have most of your search history, purchases, questions, and interests, then may use artificial intelligence (AI) to develop profiles and sell your data to others. The IPDD will dilute your current profile, making you less of a target for people willing to buy your profile.”

IPDD will reduce the value of an individual user’s internet searches to advertisers. IPDD basically adds a search bot to your computer that will surf to random sites on the internet when you are not using your computer. Internet trackers have difficulty distinguishing between you and the search bot.

“We believe this is a major shift in the way we deal with privacy and use the Internet,” said Kocher. “We’re currently in the partnership phase to roll this new invention out.”

Ideal Innovations is an inventions company that develops innovative ways to solve difficult problems. It has additional experimental efforts underway, including developing methods for identifying potential elite future performers, rapid secure access systems, and early detection of viruses.

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