I3 designs, develops and integrates next generation biometric systems for the Department of Defense (DoD). We provide identity management, Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) development, systems integration and operation, access control systems (e.g., Biometric Automated Toolset-Army [BAT-A]), biometric handheld development support and operation (e.g., Secure Electronic Enrollment Kit [SEEK]), biometric device testing, and evaluation and pilot study support. I3 currently manages several complex, integrated biometric systems for various DoD customers. Additionally, I3 developed and offers an internationally recognized facial identification analysis course of instruction that is considered among the best offered to the biometrics community. I3 customers benefit from our 15 years of experience providing end-to-end biometric support and deploying real world solutions in the U.S. and overseas. Our biometrics expertise continues to be sought after to meet and exceed customer requirements surrounding enterprise level Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and training support for many levels of biometric collection systems and customers, including the Department of Defense (DoD), foreign governments and law enforcement agencies in the US and around the world.

Stand Off Biometrics

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Long-Distance Facial Recognition: I3 offers long-distance facial recognition capability that can leverage facial images captured via still imagery as well as streaming video. We have demonstrated man-portable facial recognition at distances in excess of 1000m away from the target(s). Our capability satisfies a wide variety of use cases, including but not limited to still or video, dismounted/tripod-mounted operations, force protection via towers or airborne assets, and crowd scanning, which allows for automated tracking and extraction of faces, as well as real-time alerting to Watchlist hits.

Medium Range Facial Recognition: Our medium-range facial recognition capability allows us to process still camera and streaming video imagery. Distances range up to a few hundred meters from the target(s). In addition to dismounted and tripod-mounted options, we also offer a handheld capability. This capability is well-suited to crowd scanning functions and provides the same automated tracking and real-time alerting available on our long-distance platforms. The common design of the system enables dismounted and force protection configurations.

Iris Recognition: I3 offers standoff iris recognition, ranging up to 40m in distance. These capabilities provide a powerful covert identification option for subjects that may have their face obscured due to garments, physical impediments, or off-angle posing. In addition, where voice is not an option due to speaker behavior or lack of a sample to collect, standoff iris provides an effective alternative.

Heart: I3 designed, developed and demonstrated man-portable system for heart biometrics using a standoff laser vibrometer to measure pulse response at distances up to 200m. This system enables the operator to covertly collect heart biometrics from multiple body locations, including some that might be covered by clothing. The matching algorithm uses unique aspects of the heart pulse shape to create biometric signatures that cannot be disguised by the subject.

Voice: I3 designed and developed a man-portable system for voice biometrics to collect audio recordings of the subject’s voice at distances up to 200m. The TRL-7 system can covertly record audio from the subject’s face or skull, from a cell phone, or from a nearby surface such as a newspaper. In addition to biometric identification from voice characteristics, the system can also perform real-time automated speech transcription in multiple languages with real-time keyword alerting. In addition, we have designed a system to integrate both heart and voice biometrics into a single sensor platform capable of much longer standoff distances – up to 5 kilometers.

ABIS Development & Support

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I3 provides end-to-end biometric software development, data base administration, information assurance and test & evaluation as well as provides deployment support for real world solutions in the U.S. and overseas. Our expertise also includes enterprise level Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and training support for many levels of customers, including the Department of Defense (DoD), in the US and around the world. (read more)

  • I3 developed the DoD’s first ABIS in 2004 and continues to provide software development, test engineering, information assurance and database administration to the DoD ABIS
  • I3 also provides operational support, system administration and multi-modal biometric examination support services to several U.S. Government biometric systems
  • I3 designed, developed and delivered the U.S. Intelligence Community’s next generation facial recognition system
  • I3 biometric SMEs deployed to Iraq to stand up the first in-Theater biometric base access system Biometric Identification System for Access (BISA) and supported the project from Iraq and the U.S. over a 10-year period, amassing over 1 million unique biometric enrollments and biometric-based credentials
  • I3 developed, installed and currently operates the Afghanistan Automated Biometric Identification System (A-ABIS)
  • I3 also developed, installed and operated the first generation Iraqi Automated Fingerprint Identification System (I-AFIS)
  • I3 designed, developed and delivered Universal Biometric Translation software that converts a non-standard biometric file into a compliant Electronic Biometric Transmission Standard file

Operations Support

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I3 provides operational support to the DoD, Interagency, and International partners submitting to the DoD ABIS by operating a 24x7x365 Watch Desk, providing metrics reports, and providing subject matter expertise to end users of the DoD ABIS.  Our SMEs provide advice and guidance to DoD ABIS users as they develop their biometric programs to ensure successful interoperability through the major U.S. Government biometric repositories.  The guidance includes guidance on system development for seamless interoperability, instruction on proper biometric collection, transmission, and response interpretation. 

Software Development

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I3 is an industry leader for biometric-based software development projects. Our development expertise spans a wide range of offerings from quick-turnaround solutions that meet emerging mission needs, to complex projects requiring extensive integration.  We employ an in-house software engineering team with experience building software that ranges the full spectrum of project sizes and complexity from large enterprise software applications, mobile applications, to small tools used to integrate project components.  Applications include Windows Applications, web services, web applications, databases development, and mobile development. (read more)

Our team has successfully deployed software to clients using waterfall, prototyping, and spiral software development process models, with a preference towards Agile software development.

Software development is primarily executed using the Microsoft stack (Windows, SQL Server, Visual Studio), as well as platform independent mobile development utilizing the Xamarin platform.

Our development team uses C#, Java, C++ as primary programming languages for client projects, but is proficient in other development languages such as Python, JavaScript, and VBScript. Our database developers use SQL Server and Oracle as the primary relational database management systems, but are proficient in additional open source databases, such as MySQL.

I3’s in-house development team is comprised of technical staff with an average of 15yrs development experience capable of designing, developing, employing, and maintaining software projects.  Our full-time on-site staff includes project managers, software developers, testers, database administrators, and information assurance personnel, to include certifications for Our development team has been successful in the delivery of ABIS solutions, biometrics translation software, hard-card scanning software, multi-modal Android applications and biometric-based multi-modal enrollment systems for a range of customers and environments in the U.S. and abroad.


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In affiliation with Secure Planet, I3 ‘s biometric products provide customers with solutions for identity management, access control,  face-at-a distance, heart-rhythm at-a-distance and voice at-a-distance. Our modular enterprise architecture for biometric verification can be applied to both small and large installations, and will positively identify individuals, easily controlling or monitoring access to locations and events.

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I-3 possesses an enormous range of capabilities and offers customers an unmatched combination of technical expertise, operational experience, acquisition process competence and corporate focus. Our broad experience, coupled with our geographic diversity, internationally recognized expert personnel, and breadth of knowledge equips I-3 to provide expert support and solutions to our customers.