Collaborative Testing Services, Inc. (CTS) and Ideal Innovations, Inc. (I3) are excited to announce a partnership for the creation and administration of Facial Identification Proficiency Testing (FIPT). Enrollment in the test will open on 2 January 2024.

Biometrics subject-matter expert Lora Sims of I3 will serve as the Technical Director of the joint program. Sims, building upon her past work with I3’s existing proficiency efforts through the partnership, is recognized as a key proponent of identification technology and proficiency testing in the industry.

CTS will serve as the administrator of the program, including enrollments, hosting the test, and distributing reports. CTS will also seek to add the FIPT to their extensive list of accredited proficiency tests.

In a statement about CTS’ expanding operational capacity and role as a world-leading proficiency testing provider, company President Chris Czyryca emphasized that “CTS has the experience and proficiency testing infrastructure already in place that will allow Lora and I3 to focus their efforts on the technical aspects of the tests.”

Czyryca added that he is grateful to be working with I3’s team. “Beyond the technical expertise that I3 will bring to the joint program, Lora has specific experience in translating that knowledge into a successful proficiency test,” he explained, further commenting that he is “confident that the joint FIPT will build upon an already strong foundation.”

I3 also expressed enthusiasm for and confidence in the project. Dr. Rebecca Perlman, Senior Vice President of Forensics, “Teaming with CTS was a great next step for our FIPT. The Facial Identification community will have access to a first-class proficiency test leveraging I3’s technical expertise and CTS’ reputation as the premier proficiency test provider for forensics.”.

More information about the test is available by contacting the CTS Forensics Department via email at