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Ideal Innovations is a leader in providing system integration, program management, and overall force protection to the Department of Defense, commercial entities, U.S. federal entities, and foreign customers.


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We have the expertise and skills to deliver Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) capabilities for long-range detection, tracking and classification of potential threats. 

We develop fire-control solutions and computer control of automated weapons systems to engage threats with kinetic and non-kinetic munitions.  We have designed a wearable UAS detection system that provides dismounted soldiers with early warning of potential threat UASs, tracks them and provides firing solutions and computer assisted weapon orientation for soldiers to engage the threat.  We have also developed UAS systems to pursue and engage threat UASs to capture them in-flight and deliver them to safe locations for neutralization and forensic examination. 

Electronic Warfare

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Our radio-frequency (RF) specialists have modeled, designed, developed and fielded RF hardware ranging from board-level components to complete radar systems.  We have developed sensitive compact RF receivers to detect, classify and locate signatures of threats (including UAVs).  In support of Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) operations, we have developed lightweight, hand-held systems that rapidly detect, classify and locate electronic systems and electronic components (even when not powered) in rooms and buildings.  We use state-of-the-art software tools to build complete linear and nonlinear models of complex, interconnected systems, and use the models to optimize performance and minimize development time. 

Field evaluation of airborne sensor systems

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I3 has extensive experience testing airborne systems for remote sensing of IEDs and other types of ground targets.  

From preliminary test planning and sensor selection to final analysis of system performance, the I3 team has tested sensors including optical sensors throughout the visible and infrared spectra, radar at low and high altitudes, lidar systems and more.  We have experience directing tests with up to a dozen aircraft and multiple teams from Government and industry.  Our services include:

·       Conducting site surveys

·       Developing detailed test plans and schedules

·       Selecting, fabricating and emplacing targets and surrogates

·       Managing logistics of teams, aircraft, targets and facilities

·       Managing day-to-day flight operations

·       Collecting ground truth

·       Analyzing results and producing technical reports

Our experienced staff members provide an effective interface to test site personnel as well as customers and sponsors throughout the process. 

Rapid Prototyping, Integration and Testing

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I3‘s combination of experience and know-how leads to superior integration, testing and deployment of new systems and designs to solve difficult challenges.

By carefully applying systems engineering processes, we have successfully brought systems from concept to operational assessment while remaining mindful of all stakeholder needs and life-cycle considerations. Whether on a laboratory bench or the ramp of an austere airfield, we customize our services to each customer’s unique need for:

  • Rapid scientific investigation
  • Rapid fielding support
  • Rapid prototype integration
  • Technology evaluation and demonstrations
  • Software interface mock-ups and design studies
  • Software development, training and maintenance
  • Test planning and execution, including flight tests
  • System performance analysis

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I-3 possesses an enormous range of capabilities and offers customers an unmatched combination of technical expertise, operational experience, acquisition process competence and corporate focus. Our broad experience, coupled with our geographic diversity, internationally recognized expert personnel, and breadth of knowledge equips I-3 to provide expert support and solutions to our customers.