Science and Technology

I3 is a leader in providing hardware and software development, system integration, and test management services to the DoD, commercial entities, U.S. federal entities, and international customers.

Advanced Radio Frequency (RF) Hardware Development

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I3 provides hands-on expertise for modeling, designing, developing, and testing sensitive compact RF transceivers ranging from board-level components to complete radar systems. Applications include detecting, classifying, and locating threats such as Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) from their active and passive signatures. For Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) operations, we have developed lightweight, hand-held systems for detecting electronic devices.

Our hardware design capabilities include board-level design, shielding and enclosure design, power management, RF signal modeling, and optimization of size, weight, power and cost. For example, our team supporting the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) has hands-on experience with the Xilinx UltraScale+ RF system-on-chip (RFSoC) platform. I3 engineers have taken RFSoC designs from the drawing board to field-tested systems at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) Technology

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I3 provides expert developers for AI/ML capabilities, especially in the areas of computer vision, automatic target recognition, and biometric signature analysis. Our teams are working on projects as diverse as spotting and recognizing facial expressions, automatically detecting and classifying targets in radar and video data, and analyzing brainwave signals. From data wrangling and labeling to algorithm development and real-time implementation, our AI/ML team provides advanced development services using cutting-edge tools for efficient, effective solutions.

Neuroscience Research

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I3 develops neuropsychological signatures of human performance and team compatibility, aiming to identify, train, and optimize human potential. We develop methods to identify a person’s knowledge and familiarity without the need for explicit questioning. Applications include finding signatures of elite performance potential,
developing ways to improve human performance, finding neuropsychological foundations of collaboration, and optimizing team composition.

Field Evaluation of Advanced Sensor Systems

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As a core competency, I3 performs field tests of systems that remotely detect IEDs, munitions, and other types of ground targets from mounted, dismounted, and airborne platforms. For ARL, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), and other DoD customers, we have directed tests with up to a dozen aircraft and multiple teams from Government and industry. We have tested dozens of optical systems for long-distance face recognition and other long-distance biometrics. Our expertise includes planning tests,  fabricating and emplacing targets, managing test logistics and flight operations, and analyzing test data.

Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS)

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I3 provides expertise in C-UAS capabilities for long-range detection, tracking, and classification of potential threats. Our solutions include a wearable UAS detection system as well as systems to pursue and engage UAS threats, capture them in-flight, and deliver them to safe locations for neutralization and forensic examination. Our solutions also include fire control algorithm development and analysis of countermeasure responses to threat UAS. These solutions include both moving and stationary platforms, and various countermeasure projectile types.

Rapid Prototyping, Integration and Testing

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I3 excels at quickly building prototype hardware-software systems for developmental testing and field assessments. From software mockups and design studies to hardware fabrication and vehicle integration, we have experience building multidisciplinary teams to rapidly test new technology concepts.

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I-3 possesses an enormous range of capabilities and offers customers an unmatched combination of technical expertise, operational experience, acquisition process competence and corporate focus. Our broad experience, coupled with our geographic diversity, internationally recognized expert personnel, and breadth of knowledge equips I-3 to provide expert support and solutions to our customers.