ARLINGTON, VA, October 5, 2021 — The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued a patent on Tuesday, September 21st (patent #11,127,236) to the CEO of Ideal Innovations, Inc. (I-3), called National Access Control Center (NACC).  This patent may have a significant impact on security protocols by centralizing biometric access control to military bases, buildings, and programs in a cloud-based environment.

“The NACC concept will pave the way for more efficient, secure and accurate identification and authorization operations,” stated Bob Kocher, CEO of I-3.  “We believe a centralized organization such as the NACC avoids massive duplication of visitor request authorization and will provide interagency authorizations based on each organization’s protocols. The NACC could make seeking access extremely simpler by providing one contact point for seeking access to any base, facility, building, or program.  The NACC will use newly developed verification algorithms along with the latest biometrics identification technologies to verify security information of each employee.  Billions of dollars are currently being spent in manpower modeling old technology.  Billions of dollars can be saved, and a user friendly, simplified system can be more efficient. Quite simply, it’s a game-changer.”

With the $1 trillion infrastructure bill currently making its way through Congress, I-3 envisions the NACC as a critical project that can benefit from this funding and deliver a high degree of value for the cost, in terms of streamlining biometric security operations.

Ideal Innovations is an inventions company that develops innovative ways to solve difficult problems.  It has additional experimental efforts underway, including developing methods for identifying potential elite future performers, rapid secure access systems, and early detection of viruses.

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