Arlington, VA. December 13, 2018 —  Lora Sims, Sr. Biometric Examiner and lead Facial Identification Course Trainer at Ideal Innovations, Inc. (I3), a service-disabled veteran-owned firm specializing in biometrics, forensics and technical services, has won a distinguished service award from the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC).

Lora has been the chair of the OSAC Facial Identification Subcommittee since the beginning of OSAC. As Chair of this subcommittee, she has exhibited true leadership in guiding her subcommittee to generate multiple documents, which have subsequently been pushed to the ASTM (an International Standards Organization) for publication as standards. She is now bringing these published standards back to the Forensic Science Standards Board (FSSB) for publication on the Registry, where they will likely become the first Digital/Media Scientific Area Committee (DMSAC) standards on the Registry. Among the most significant of these documents is the ”Standard Guide for Facial Image Comparison Feature List for Morphological Analysis” (ASTM 3149). This document provides the foundational basis for all forensic facial comparison examinations and provides a solid framework for the development of further standards in this field. This is why the OSAC was created. Lora’s efforts to see this process through demonstrates a dedication that all forensic scientists should emulate.

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