Arlington, VA  – Ideal Innovations, Inc. (I3), a premier provider of forensic and biometric products and services, has developed a lineup of facial examination courses tailored to a broad range of experience levels and background.

I-3 has been offering its core Facial Examination Training Course, a five-day technical, detailed look at the science and technology behind facial recognition, since 2015. Given the rapidly changing dynamics in the facial recognition field due to real-world events and evolving requirements, I-3 has now expanded its course offerings to include the following:

  • Police Chiefs and Administrators Course, perfect for executives, as well as non-technical policymakers and communications professionals
  • Facial Examination Introductory Course, a two-day class that covers the basic elements of facial examination
  • Facial Examination Refresher Course, a two-day class that distills key elements of the five-day technical offering

I-3 CEO, Bob Kocher, indicated that “I-3 recognizes the importance of the emergence of facial recognition as a viable biometric with a host of applications, as well as the potentially far-reaching implications of its use. We pride ourselves on remaining on the cutting edge from a training, human examiner and policy perspective.”

I-3 and its affiliate company, Secure Planet, Inc., will be participating in the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference October 26-29 in Chicago. Secure Planet and I-3 personnel will be exhibiting in booth #1455. Both firms will have subject matter experts on hand to field questions and discuss its facial examination product and service offerings in more depth.
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