Arlington, VA  – Ideal Innovations, Inc. (I3),a premier provider of forensic and biometric products and services, recently developed a facial recognition application that supports Android and iOS based platforms.

The application can complete matches on millions of images in seconds on mobile devices with no backend connection. In addition to the large-scale facial capture and matching feature, the application’s key features also include the capability to collect and extract faces from group photos and videos captured with the phone. The application also provides the user with the ability to manage watchlists and configure parameters to control the result set returned on the device.

I3 CEO, Bob Kocher, indicated that “This technology is truly revolutionary. It will be a game changer for customers interested in conducting large-scale facial recognition on a mobile device in disconnected environments.”

For customers seeking to synchronize data between devices, a feature is available for networked mobile devices, which gives the users the ability to send and receive captured enrollments to and from other operators on the network as well as push captured images and enrollments to trained facial examiners in support of 3rd party identity confirmation.
Ivan Quinn, VP for Identity Solutions and Systems, notes that this is truly ground breaking, disruptive technology that will give individuals and agencies operating in austere conditions access to critical data in support of face collection and matching. Mr. Quinn went on to say, “Our military special operators at the tip of the spear and men and women protecting our borders no longer have to worry about carrying around large pieces of equipment or locating a network to process an image and confirm a match. Instead, they can pull out their smartphone or tablet and complete the process on millions of enrollments without connectivity and within seconds.”

About Ideal Innovations, Inc.

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