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Lora Sims, Director of FaCE, is the recipient of the of the FedID 2024 Best Educational Effort Award






Examination Services

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I3 employs many of the most highly skilled facial analysts working in the field of facial identification today supporting the DoD ABIS at the Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency (DFSC) and the DHS Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM). We can provide the same level of service to other organizations.

System Selection and Integration

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I3 has a staff of highly skilled biometric system integrators with experience integrating fingerprint, palm print, iris and facial identification systems for DoD and international customers. In today’s evolving and expanding world, more and more biometric technologies are designed to connect to both systems under construction, as well as those previously deployed. I3’s integrators advise and navigate our customers through the biometric system selection and integration process, by employing design strategies that leverage open system integration and industry best practices, which will allow for biometric system integration to be completed quickly while minimizing cost and level of effort

Policy and Regulation Expertise

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I3 offers subject matter expertise in the identity policy and privacy disciplines, facilitating our clients’ successful implementation of identity technologies. Government and private institutions are coming under increased scrutiny regarding their use of identity technology, particularly biometrics, and especially from a privacy standpoint. I3 offers policy development services, including privacy protection, to organizations implementing identity technologies and protocols. I3 analyzes existing policy, identifies any gaps, and develops policy and privacy.


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In affiliation with Secure Planet, I3 ‘s biometric products provide customers with solutions for identity management, access control, face-at-a distance, heart-rhythm at-a-distance and voice at-a-distance. Our modular enterprise architecture for biometric verification can be applied to both small and large installations, and will positively identify individuals, easily controlling or monitoring access to locations and events. Find out more at https://www.secureplanet.com/

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I-3 possesses an enormous range of capabilities and offers customers an unmatched combination of technical expertise, operational experience, acquisition process competence and corporate focus. Our broad experience, coupled with our geographic diversity, internationally recognized expert personnel, and breadth of knowledge equips I-3 to provide expert support and solutions to our customers.