I3 provides government organizations with laboratory operations support; training; forensic research support; standards development; quality assurance guidelines; testimony; laboratory management mentoring; and forensic policy, strategy and requirements development.

I3 provides services in the following forensics areas:

• Latent Print Processing and Examination
• Tenprint Examination
• DNA Collection and Analysis
• Firearms and Toolmark Analysis
• Explosives and Drug Chemistry
• Document & Media Exploitation (DOMEX)
• Footwear Examination
• Handwriting
• Forensic Photography
• Case File Management
• Evidence Handling

button marker Examination Support

Iprovides examination support in latent prints, ten prints, face, and iris. Our latent print examiners format, calibrate and encode unknown friction ridge prints, submit them to an AFIS/ABIS for possible identification and compare candidate prints to the unknowns. Our biometric SMEs review, assess, analyze, and compare face, iris, palm and fingerprint biometric data that is collected from around the world on 24 X 7 basis. Additionally, examiners are responsible for correcting cross-linked identities and out-of-sequence fingerprint enrollments that would otherwise inhibit positive associations.

Ihas supported the Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency (DFBA), Biometrics Operations Division (BOD) Examination Support Branch (ESB) since its inception in 2005. Our personnel are key contributors in leadership roles of the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC), IAI and FISWG.

button marker Facial Identification Training

I provides Facial Identification Training aimed at improving the skill set of the analyst. The 1- or 2-week course provides the student with necessary skills and strategies needed when conducting facial comparisons. Topics include but are not limited to bones and muscles, dermatology, aging, and hair. The course provides extensive comparison exercises that apply what is learned during the lectures. This course is perfect for federal, state, local, international, and commercial organizations that have facial recognition systems and who are performing facial comparisons.

button marker Forensics Training

I3 provides training and mentoring to U.S. and foreign nationals. We have an in-house training program for our fingerprint personnel—beginning with tenprint analysis, advancing to latent print comparisons and ending with the preparation for certification by the International Association for Identification (IAI). We have provided training to foreign nationals in the areas of fingerprints, DNA, DOMEX, firearms and toolmarks, chemistry, handwriting, evidence handling and photography.

button marker Backlog Support

Iprovides backlog reduction and surge support services in all forensic areas.  Our team coordinates with the requesting agency to utilize their space for evidence processing and computer analysis at times during the day or night when the equipment is available for our team to work

button marker Laboratory Fielding

Ideploys modular laboratories including the laboratory installation, equipment and instrument procurement, calibration and validation and supplies and consumables sustainment. Idesigned, developed, installed and managed the first expeditionary DNA laboratory during Operation Iraqi Freedom, proving the viability of such a challenging enterprise in an extremely austere environment.