Ideal Innovations, Inc. (I3 ) biometric products provide customers with solutions for identity management, access control, and time and attendance.Our modular enterprise architecture for biometric verification can be applied to both small and large installations, and will positively identify individuals, easily controlling or monitoring access to locations and events.

button marker Facial Automated Biometric Identification System (FABIS)-Mobile

FABIS-Mobile is a mobile application that enables 1:very many facial matching on Android platforms. With this application, Android phones and tablets are able to successfully match against millions of records without connectivity. Depending on specific model features (RAM and storage space), it is possible to match against 1M, 10M, or even 20M+ records. If connectivity exists, FABIS-Mobile is able to communicate with back-end servers for matching even larger databases (up to billions of records).
Benefits Include:
• Extremely fast matching capability
• Exceptional matching performance, especially against non-ideal face imagery
• Supports very large galleries
Applications Include:
• Border control
• Police and Law Enforcement
• Refugee management
• University/Student safety
• Health care

button marker Biometric Identity Verifier (BIV)

The BIV is a low-cost, mobile solution for rapid biometric verification and identification, which includes a mobile workstation and a General Service Administration (GSA) approved fingerprint scanner.
Benefits Include:
• Quickly/easily imports Electronic Fingerprint Transmission Specification (EFTS)/ Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification (EBTS) formatted records
• Simple, intuitive GUI minimizes training time
• 1:N search of right index against master database
• Candidate list displays name and/or photo to validate
• Rapid response: ~6 seconds against 800k records
• Database sizes can exceed 1 million records; easily extensible for large-scale operations
• Database updates easily distributed using mobile data storage or available network connections
Applications Include:
• Access Control
• Civil Services
• Time Clock
• Border Control
• Watch Lists
• Payroll

button marker Biometric Recognition and Verification (BRaVe™)


BRaVe™ software enables users to perform biometric identification searches via their Android™ device. The BRaVe allows users to collect and perform biometric searches of an individual’s face, iris, and fingerprint on a gallery of up to 20 user-collected enrollments. Enrollments are stored and matched on Secure Planet’s server. Barcode collection and matching is also supported. * Please note that fingerprint image collection requires an external fingerprint scanner and an external iris scanner is recommended for iris support.
Android devices must be capable of running in USB host mode to utilize an external fingerprint or iris scanner. Functionality is device dependent and some devices may not fully support the USB Host Mode feature.
Local Matching Version:
I3 has also developed a local matching version of the BRaVe application capable of enrolling and searching data locally on an Android phone or tablet. This version requires no server and no Internet or 3G connection as all the data is stored directly on the device.

button marker Fingerprint Card Scanning

I3 ’s solution for scanning fingerprint cards, or the Biometric Consolidation Tool (BCT) software, can quickly and easily create .EFT files from standard and non-standard fingerprint cards.
Once the software generates an .EFT file from the scanned fingerprint card, it can be imported into biometric matching systems like I3 ’s BIV or virtually any Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) or ABIS.
Software features:
• Imports fingerprint cards and other documents (BMP, TIF, JPG or GIF formats)
• Provides localization for other cultures and languages can be easily and quickly added
• Produces NIST ITL transaction files in DoD EBTS v1.2, 2.0 or FBI EBTS 9.2 formats
• User can create and use multiple customizable card templates, to include biographical and contextual entry fields or to define the size and layout of a specific fingerprint card
• Supports multiple types of transactions such as ‘civil’ or ‘criminal’
• Software-driven scan of fingerprint cards and other documents with TWAIN compatible scanners (TWAIN is the universal standard which links applications and image acquisition devices)

button marker Integrated Multimodal Enrollment and Verification (I-MEV)

The I-MEV is a low-cost, mobile solution for rapid biometric enrollment, verification, and identification.
• Fast and intuitive biometric (fingerprint, face, and iris) and biographic enrollment
• Creates standard EBTS files
Build Your Gallery:
• Supports import of I-MEV enrollments, as well as external EFTS/EBTS formatted records
• Database sizes can exceed 1 million records; extensible for large-scale operations
Identify and Verify:
• Performs rapid biometric searches on fingerprint, face, or iris
• Candidate list displays contextual information and photo indicating watch list flags
• Can also match by 1D barcode or MRZ (passport)
Applications Include:
• Access Control
• Civil Services
• Time Clock
• Border Control
• Watch Lists
• Payroll