International ServicesInternational Forensics Training

I3 professionals design, develop and implement custom biometric, forensic and technical solutions for international clients while providing complimentary long-term training, technical and consulting services.

button marker Biometrics

I3 offers biometric services and solutions tailored to international client needs that can be employed across various sectors to include law enforcement, intelligence, national security, managed services, and commercial applications.

We can customize solutions in multiple language/character sets, tailoring automated solutions to existing legacy processes, and employing systems in difficult environments lacking robust communications and facility infrastructure.

We can implement biometric services in support of multiple applications, including:

• Biometric Collections
• Digitization of Legacy Tenprint and Latent Print Records
• Criminal and Transactional Matching Systems
• Biometrically Enabled Credentials
• Access Control
• Time and Attendance
• Administrative Applications

Our services support clients with various levels of technical competency, from new users to SMEs. We offer services across the full spectrum of support, including:

• Consulting
• Requirements and Standards Development
• System Design
• System Testing
• System Development and Installation
• Program Management
• Training
• Operations and Maintenance Support

button marker Forensics

Leveraging the expertise employed for our domestic services, we have the proven capability to extend our forensic services and training support for a large number of forensic disciplines including:

• Latent Print Examinations
• Tenprint Examinations
• Forensic Photography
• Firearms and Toolmark Examinations
• Crime Scene Analysis
• Questioned Documents
• Forensic Chemistry Analysis
• Forensic Art

Our forensic training can be tailored to meet the curriculum requirements and judicial standards of the client’s legal system, with instructions and materials provided in the host-nation language.

In addition, we offer forensic services that extend beyond training and technical support to laboratory development and equipping:

• Laboratory Design
• Development and Installation of Laboratory Facilities
• Laboratory Equipping
• Standards Development
• Seminars for Justice, Police, and Interior Leaders and Officials

button marker Physical & Technical Security

I3 offers physical and technical security integration services. Our physical and technical security offerings include perimeter and building Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV); anti-intrusion systems; gate control and screening; biometric-based access control for the installation and individual buildings; identification cards; patrol control system; loud speaker/early warning system; and command and control hardware and software. In addition, we offer security protocols, training and warranty services.

We also offer:

• Logistics
• Site Surveys
• Physical and Technical Security Installation and Upgrades
• Standards Development Training
• Record Digitization