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Ideal Innovations, Inc. (I3) provides a range of identity management services that properly and efficiently manage privileges, access, and boundaries for enhanced security.


Who are you? Have I seen you before? Does anyone else know you? What privileges belong to you?

Integrated with the proper system, biometrics provides an outstanding methodology to facilitate identity management. Biometrics allows you to establish one identity per individual and provides an efficient way to verify identity. I3 excels in providing biometric enabled systems to answer client identity management needs.

I3 excels in developing biometrically enabled programs and systems for identity management.  We have provided the following services for nations, agencies and militaries:

  • Information security and standards
  • Single and multi-modal biometric collection
  • Registration and transmission of data locally or to a central database
  • Biometric matching against official repositories
  • Adjudication and logical access processing
  • Information Technology (IT), including design, hardware, software, networking, and administration
  • Business case analysis
  • Program and project management


Determining Client and Customer Needs

In developing identity management systems, not all clients and customers are the same.  I3 is capable in assisting you wherever you are in the process of developing a system, whether just beginning to scratch the surface or fully defined. Requirements definition is essential. I3 has assisted foreign governments and U.S. Government agencies to determine their requirements and established their standards.  Customer requirements and constraints must be established with stakeholder concurrence. If not already accomplished in part or in whole, the program needs to follow a rigorous process of requirements definition, analysis and elucidation of requirements, design and planning. I3 has the subject matter experts, program managers and designers to assist in this phase.


System Design and Development

I3’s analysis of each customer’s requirements forms the foundation for system design. I3 developed end-to-end multimodal biometric systems that provide identity management. I3’s biometric and information systems expertise enables us to design, develop, and field customized identity management systems. We have expertise in biometric collection, hardware integration, data transmission and ingestion into a system for matching. I3 has developed biometric software and integrated Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) software solutions for our customers. We have performed the full range of biometric hardware integration services from integrating in-Theater equipment to state-side back-end server networks. I3 has experience using various COTS matching engines and has designed databases and web systems to make the biometric data and the matches more useful to the customer. We are able to integrate other subsystems or components such as a card management system, physical access control system or enable data sharing with amongst different biometric systems.



I3 develops a test lab simulating the whole system to enable First Article Testing (FAT) and allow testing of modifications. This is a Quality Assurance (QA) step to ensure all facets of capability and operations meet requirements. Additionally, items such as training materials can be tested and evaluated. I3’s technical, purchasing, and logistical capabilities enable us to ship, install, start-up, and test systems worldwide.


Information Assurance

Cyber-security and Information Assurance (IA) is vital to the safety and continued operation of a system. IA processes protect information and ensures user availability. U.S. Government systems must comply with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). I3 has been through multiple cycles with its customers with implementing IA requirements, protocols and procedures and Authority to Operate (ATO). I3 has extensive IA experience with deployed base access systems, having worked with and met the IA requirements for the U.S. Marine Corps, PEO Enterprise Information Systems, DFBA, Multi-National Force Iraq, Multi-National Corps Iraq, and the U.S. Air Force.