Access using a smart card

Access ControlAccess control with a smart card

Governments, businesses, and organizations need to identify and authenticate individuals rapidly and securely in order to control access to facilities, offices, computers, events, posts, stations, ships, borders, and during disasters.


Protecting your critical infrastructure with physical security is a daunting task. I3 has developed access control systems that span halfway around the globe, and our subject matter experts have extensive knowledge in providing biometrically enabled end-to-end access control systems.

We supported the U.S. Military and the U.S. Department of State to investigate local-nationals and third-country nationals in the Middle East who were applicants to work on U.S. bases or at U.S Embassies and Consulates. The system provided for biometric enrollments, biometric matching at national biometric repositories, and provision of the biometric match data on a website, website functionality, dovetailed with customer processes for applicant adjudication, issuance of credentials, and biometrically validated access control at entry points.  I3 has provided biometric access control using smart cards, simple flash cards and non-credential access. Non-credential access uses biometric devices and a person’s biometrics to allow or deny entry.

We provide expertise in the following areas:

  • System design
  • Software development and hardware integration
  • Training
  • Information assurance
  • Program and project management
  • Operations and field support
  • Network operations, system administration and help desk services


System Design and Development

I3 provided analysis of alternatives and cost-benefit analysis to its Army customer for the re-design, expansion, and improvement of the biometrically enabled base access system in Iraq. In turn, I3 performed the software development, procurement of hardware, system integration, first article testing and operational checks of the major system modifications.

Training Development and Training

I3 developed the original training materials and all of subsequent training material over a 7-year period. We provided trainers and established a training classroom at a National Guard training center to provide a location for the contract operators and engineers being supplied to the program. I3 also provided various forms of training materials and deployed trainers to the theater of operations and provided customer staff training for the government in the United States.

Management, Operations and Field Support

I3 deployed a full spectrum of personnel to operate and maintain the Biometric Identification System for Access that included program management, In-Country Managers, Operations Managers, Field Service Engineers, System Administrators, Data Center Operators, Network Administrations, Data Base Administrators, Logisticians, Information Assurance Engineers and Administrative assistance.