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Preventing terrorist attacks, IED events, and criminal activity through the deployment of real-world biometric and identity management solutions


I3 develops and integrates a wide range of innovative biometric solutions for the U.S. and foreign governments, law enforcement, as well as commercial customers. We provide identity management, Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) development, integration and operation, access control systems (Biometric Identification System for Access [BISA]), biometric handheld operation and device training (Secure Electronic Enrollment Kit [SEEK] and Handheld Interagency Identification Detection Equipment [HIIDE]), biometric device testing, evaluation and pilot study support. I3 currently manages complex, integrated biometric requirements for various U.S. Government, corporate, and international customers.

I3 customers benefit from our 10 years of experience providing end-to-end biometric support and deploying real world solutions in the U.S. and overseas. Our expertise includes enterprise level Operations & Maintenance (O&M) support for many levels of customers, including the Department of Defense (DoD), foreign governments and commercial customers.

  • I3 developed the DoD’s first ABIS in 2004 and continues to provide operational support and biometric examination support services
  • I3 biometric SMEs deployed to Iraq to stand up the first in-Theater biometric base access system (BISA) and supported the project from Iraq and the U.S. over a 10 year period, amassing over 1 million unique biometric enrollments and biometric-based credentials
  • I3 developed, installed and currently operates the Afghanistan Automated Biometric Identification System (A-ABIS)
  • I3 designed, developed, installed and trained personnel on a biometric screening system developed for the Government of Canada’s Counter Terrorism Capacity Building Program
  • I3 designed and installed a biometric based access control system for the African Union Commission in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

button marker Facial Identification Full Life Cycle Services

I3 is recognized as an industry leader for providing full life-cycle facial identification services. Beginning with requirements review and policy examination, followed by system identification, selection and integration, I3 assists our customers in integrating a biometric system optimized for a specific application. Once the solution is in place, our staff of certified ten print, latent print, facial identification examiners, biometric enrollers and system administrators provide on-site support. The I3 Team stands ready to meet your facial examination and enrollment needs.

button marker Identity Management

Identity management is the cornerstone of all biometric applications. The use and sharing of biometric information for identity management and identity resolution is a critical activity for U.S. Government Agencies. Identity management prevents fraud, controls access, and protects national security. I3 is at the forefront of biometric identity management for the DoD and provides similar services for Federal and state agencies.

button marker Access Control

I3 developed a wide variety of access control solutions that provide managed and structured personnel regulation for applications that range from base or facility access control to control of an individual pharmaceutical locker.

button marker ABIS Development & Support

I3 is decisively engaged in the development and/or integration of custom Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) solutions for a range of customers and environments. I3 supports the Department of Defense’s ABIS, our international partners’ Afghan ABIS, and the Iraqi Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). I3 has been instrumental in the operation and maintenance of these systems, along with other enterprise biometric systems.

button marker Products

I3's biometric products provide customers with solutions for identity management, access control, and time and attendance.
Our modular enterprise architecture for biometric verification can be applied to both small and large installations, and will positively identify individuals, easily controlling or monitoring access to locations and events.