TacID Sentinel

tacid sentinel screen


TacID Sentinel is a watch and alert solution capable of monitoring and tracking multiple persons from one or more cameras (Webcam, IP or CCTV), while instantly performing facial recognition against very large databases. Sentinel was designed to address access control and watch list operating modes independently or in tandem. The access control mode indicates authorized users by visibly displaying and optionally triggering actions (e.g. audible sound alert). The watch list mode can search multiple databases. When operating in dual mode, subjects are first checked against watch lists then identified for access. Sentinel supports configurable alerts and triggers upon facial recognition matches. The alert platform sends instant messages via SMS, email and/or displays visual and audible alerts. The action platform can trigger any Internet of Things (IOT) compliant device such as a door relay, or flood light, etc.

button marker Features & Benefits

  • Enrollment flexibility allows easy buildup of databases by simple drag-and-drop from still photos and videos.
  • Watch list management
  • Fifty (50) million record face recognition under 4 seconds on a single off-the-shelf PC.
  • Tracking and matching of multiple persons simultaneously in field of view.
  • Face recognition accuracy among leaders in NIST competitions (still images and face in video).
  • User defined operating modes (Access or Watch list control).
  • Configurable alert features including visual, audible, and SMS messaging.
  • Supports interactive and batch enrollment including any type of record metadata
  • State-of-the-art face matching algorithm robust to variations in resolution, illumination, pose, expression, occlusion, and background
  • Real time face recognition on multiple user defined watch lists.
  • Convenient and non-intrusive access control.
  • Supports simultaneous identification against watch lists and authorized personnel.
  • Ability to reuse existing camera and surveillance equipment.
  • Consistent user experience and deployment on Microsoft Windows, Linux and MAC based platforms.
  • Competitive pricing and distribution model.

button marker Solutions

Sentinel is a solution for a multitude of use cases requiring identification of individuals in a watch list or convenient authorization of personnel for access including:

  • Non-intrusive access control (casinos, theme parks, sporting venues)
  • VIP recognition (hotels, restaurants, banking)
  • Tailored customer experience based on identity (retail, banking)
  • Child abduction search and rescue (public safety)

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