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Ideal Innovations Inc., has deployed the next generation of mobile facial recognition technology. Our patent-pending technology is centered on a cutting edge facial identification algorithm that greatly reduces template size, resulting in a better, faster and less expensive approach to facial matching. The system can be deployed as a stand-alone device or as an enterprise-wide solution. Other offerings associated with TacID Mobile include: backend matching, integration, operations and maintenance (O&M) and policy support. We have a staff of highly skilled engineers who can provide system customization, integration and user training.

button marker Features & Benefits

  • Ability to search up to 4 million constrained/unconstrained face images on Android/iOS devices with no backend connection
  • Enrollment, identification and verification with no backend connection
  • Ability to capture and match faces from group photos and videos on the device
  • With a network connection, device can:
    • Sync and pull data from the backend server
    • Update watch-list information
    • Share data with other connected devices
    • Send photos to a 3rd party to confirm match/no match
    • Encrypted database and communication to backend
  • Configuration settings allow the operator to control:
    • Match threshold
    • Maximum matches
    • Maximum faces per frame
    • Minimum face size
    • Number of records synced

button marker Solutions

TacID Mobile is an application for commercial-off-the-shelf Android/iOS smartphones and tablets. The application allows operators in the field to rapidly enroll, identify and verify persons without ID documentation in a disconnected or connected environment. The application also allows operators to capture, process and identify persons from video with or without a network connection.
When connected to the TacID backend, the operator is able to search larger databases while performing watchlist creation and management.

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